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Have you ever noticed how much we like to complain? I have realized that being around complainers drains me and I don’t want to be a complainer drainer myself anymore. I’m not talking about people going through real crisis and stress, I’m talking about the rest of us: the general complainers who just blah, blah, blah about this and that. Actually, I am  just talking about myself.

I’m starting my new 30 day challenge TODAY. No complaining for 30 days. I realize I picked a very challenging 30 days to do this… the days leading up to the election but what better time than now?!

Starting today every time I catch myself complaining I will do my best to stop and refocus my thoughts (and my mouth) on what I am grateful for.

Not complaining doesn’t mean living in denial. It means I’m going to focus on the truths that are more positive than the negative ones.

For instance, when I wake up in the morning I have choices on what to focus my thoughts on. I can wake up and think I hate getting up so early for my job or I can wake up and be grateful for my comfy bed and home. I can appreciate all the things I take for granted every morning like the electricity that powers my coffee maker (I really, really, really appreciate my coffee in the mornings), the hot water that comes out of my shower, the toilet that flushes, the fireplace in my living room, the bus that always arrives on time, my smart phone that works on the bus.

Have you ever thought about how much you complain?

Want to join me in 30 days of no complaining? I have a feeling this tiny shift could have a BIG impact on how we feel.

I will be using the hashtag #nocomplaints on Twitter.

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9 thoughts on “Complainer Drainer

  1. Tamara Holland

    I LOVE this, Sally. I love how you distinguish between the stuff that does need processing, and the stuff that really doesn’t. Kudos to you for this idea and your great articulation of it. #nocomplaints

  2. Jaime

    Oh Sally, I am not a complainer but I came to this same realization as you awhile back and I applaud you for doing this! I actually had a chat with my husband just last month about how him coming home and complaining about his job, or complaining about a place he was in or whatever situation it might be, and how it drains me. He’d never thought about it before and he started then making a conscious decision to not look at things from that negative place. It’s actually made a big change in him in just a couple of weeks. Kudos. 🙂

  3. Jeena

    I love this post. Oftentimes, when I’m cranky and in complain mode, I try to take a step back and look at all the things I have to be grateful for. #nocomplaints – here we go!

  4. Sally_K Post author

    Marilyn and Tamara Thanks for the support! It takes a village to stay positive.

    Jaime you are one of the most positive people I know!

    Jeena – I do the same thing. It takes work though and often feels strained to focus on what I am grateful for when I am feeling cranky but after awhile it seems to sink in.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post AND comment! #grateful #nocomplaints #yourock

  5. Cate

    What a wonderful post! I love how you focus on the not complaining aspect of gratitude and changing our own ways! I am definitely in on this one! Brava!

  6. Sally_K Post author

    I have made it to Day 6 with almost no complaining. Doing my best to stop complaining and that includes no gossiping. Caught myself complaining the other day when visiting with an old friend (hi Mark) which triggered my old story… I guess being conscious of the complaining is the first step, telling a new story is the second step. Baby steps.

  7. caramelloevaniglia

    you’re so right! my family is going through a quite painful period due to that horrible thing named cancer, and I’m experiencing first-hand there’s nothing better in those moments than to maintain a non-complaining attitude and a smile on our lips; banal maybe, but so true.
    it’s the first time I comment, even it isn’t the fist time I read your blog… this post compelled me to comment! compliments for the blog&the non-complaining mode!

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