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Appliance Techs of Marin

A few weeks ago my garbage disposal stopped working. I had a very old garbage disposal, at least 20 years old. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fix or change the thing myself. It was big and old and stuck. I thought who do you call to fix a garbage disposal? A plumber? An electrician? A handy man? Then I remembered my Twitter friends Mike and Nancy of @ATOMsanRafael and posted this on Twitter:

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Do you prefer to exercise alone or with your partner?

Dr. Michelle Gannon is a Psychologist in private practice in San Francisco working with individuals and couples for the past 20 years. She is also a founder of Marriage Prep 101, Award Winning Couples Workshops for Engaged, Newlywed and Seriously Dating Couples that she has led with her husband, Dr Patrick Gannon for the past ten years.

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