The Blog Craze

So… I’ve jumped in to the blog craze (thanks to Laurie gently pushing me, well gently probably isn’t exactly the best word) and the VA blog tour. Those of you who know me know that I don’t like to miss out on anything… so I just had to get my blog up and running so I wouldn’t miss out on this cool tour.

Having a blog has added a new stress to my life. Okay, not really a stress… more like an obsession. I feel the need to produce insightful postings on a regular basis… okay that is kind of stressful actually. The obsessive part is the desire to spend my whole day fiddling around with my blog… changing the template, changing the colors, adding links, deleting links, etc… wondering if I should be using WordPress instead of Blogger… all sorts of new worries added to my daily ramblings that happen within my head.

I’m still not sure what I think of this whole blogging thing. I mean, I love reading other peoples blogs… just feel a little exposed throwing my random thoughts out their for the world to see… other parents, my parents, my children, their friends, exes, my friends, co-workers, family, strangers, who knows? Not like, I think I have this huge blog following or anything… but still… having a blog means my ramblings are out there for the world to read (if they actually want to).

If you happen to be a friend, an ex, family, a colleague, a stranger, anyone: Welcome to my blog and please feel free to leave a comment and say hello. It’s nice to see you here outside of my comfort zone!

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  1. Crystal Pina

    I agree with Heather. I enjoy reading what you have to write. And the competitive me now feels like I need to raise my own bar to meet yours.

    I totally agree with you on how blogging can take over your life. I’m having fun with this blog thing.

  2. Yvonne

    Sally I am so glad you decided to join the blog craze – you have such great things to say and I can’t wait to read more!!

  3. Anita Bruton

    Sally, this whole blogging thing is great! I agree that it can take over your life.
    But what I really like, is that if I want to tell potential clients something interesting, helpful and informative, I can easily just blog it instead of setting up an entire page on my Web site!

    I enjoy your blog posts Sally.
    You are truly insightful and an inspiration.

    Keep up the good work!

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