What are you thankful for?
Inspired by Yvonne Weld and her Top 10 List.

1. My Health! I am so thankful that I am fortunate enough to be healthy and pain free! This is something I have taken for granted before and am happy to have it back!

2. My Family! I love my kids, my partner and my extended family and don’t know what I would do with out them!

3. My Friends! I am thankful for my lifelong friends, my new friends and my friends “in the box” who inspire me everyday!

4. My Business! I am thankful for my business that allows me to be home, to have a flexible schedule and to keep my priorities in order.

5. My Clients! I love my clients and am thankful for them! I work with the coolest people!

6. My House! I love my house and it’s location.

7. The Internet! Without the internet I would not have a business or my friends in the box.

8. Wild Flowers and Sunny Days! These inspire me to get out of the house and exercise.

9. My Car! I am thankful that I have a car that is in great condition. Car problems really stress me out so I am happy that I have a reliable car.

10. My Dog! I can’t forget about Poncho! He is the best dog in the world and brings a smile to my face every single day!

Like Yvonne, I am hoping to inspire you to take some time and blog about what you are thankful for. Tag you’re it! Please post a link back to your blog here after you write your list.
Thank you!

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  1. Laurie Dart

    This is such a great post because we so often focus on what we don’t like or in essence are not grateful for in our lives. That’s not where our attention should be focused! I like the idea of making a list of things you are grateful for and keeping it visible – don’t forget!!


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