The Surreal World of Virtual Simplicity


When your partner thinks you are acting like an emoticon should you be worried?

Being a virtual professional /virtual assistant means I spend my working hours in the virtual world. I communicate with my clients, colleagues, friends and even my parents online! I’ve learned to express myself via emoticons. Anyone who works virtually and uses IM understands. Those that don’t… well they usually look at me funny.

I also network online. I hang out in virtual forums such as VANA, The VA Revolution, Ryze, Myspace, and many more.

I could write a whole book (or 3) about my surreal virtual world and it would be full of an amazing group of colorful characters.

For those of you living outside the box it’s hard to explain what happens inside of it. Client relationships are created. Support is given. Friendships are made. Bridges are built. Barriers are taken down. There is an incredible connection being made via humans these days and it is all happening in this little box you are staring at.

My partner, (the one who said I was acting like an emoticon) is amazed when I talk about my virtual friends, my virtual clients and the fact that the virtual money showing up in my email via paypal turns in to real money in our bank account. And not to mention the virtual friends I talk about that turn in to real friends sleeping on our couch.

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