Word Camp 2007 In The News


I’m in the news. You have to look very closely at the beginning and ending clips to see me though. I’m sitting next to my new friend Deena.

Today I am going talk about my favorite speaker at the conference. She’s not in the news clip but that’s okay. Lorelle VanFossen is cool, she deserves a whole TV show for herself! In addition to being cool she did a much better write up of the conference then I ever will.

I love seeing women in the techie/geek world. We were definitely a minority but we were there! Lorelle is great! I think she may have missed her calling as a public speaker/comedian though.

She spoke about creating “Kicking Ass Content Connections”. Some tips she offered on starting a blog conversation were to:

  • not write for your 8th grade teacher (your blog does not have to be an essay)
  • don’t blog the whole idea – leave some room for your readers to respond, incomplete thoughts allow your readers to respond.
  • link back to other bloggers
  • comment on other’s blogs

PS. For those of you wondering why I am using a blogger blog when I hype Word Press so much… there is a good reason for that. My Virtual Simplicity Word Press blog will be coming soon. I currently use Word Press for some of my clients and love it.

3 thoughts on “Word Camp 2007 In The News

  1. Lisa B @ simply His

    Oh my gosh! I miss out on so much πŸ™ This is absolutely wonderful that you got to go! I am sooooo jealous though! Ack. I dream of having a good blog…but then again, I just posted on one of them and noticed it’d been a month since I’d posted. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE in blogdom πŸ™‚

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