Word Camp In My Sleep


I am a little embarrassed to admit this but last night I was talking in my sleep. You will never guess what I was caught saying? I said “Word Press Word Camp” in my sleep! I am not kidding. Proof that I actually am a geek!

John C. Dvorak and Om Malik

Blogs Vs. Journalism
Dvorak started the talk by saying bloggers should be credentialed. That statement kind of scares me. What happens to the one’s who are not credentialed? Kind of reminds me of the whole topic of Virtual Assistants – should they be certified or not? (note to self: stay focused to go there right now)

Take home tips of the topic:

  • Dvorak suggested when blogging to consider not posting immediately. Let the post sit, come back and check it for errors, read it out loud to your self. (Maybe I should start doing this…)
  • I also learned that it is not okay to call someone a crook on your blog unless they have been convicted of a crime.

Taking their advice to link when you can (when someone has already said what you want to say) here are some summaries of the talk I found from fellow Word Campers (that I didn’t actually meet in person): Stephanie Booth and Matthew Batchelder.

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