Word Camp Still On My Mind


Sorry for the delay in my Word Camp report. I took a break and spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe. I forgot how beautiful and blue that lake really is.

I did however wear my Word Camp T-shirt and talk geek with some new friends I met in Tahoe. I love the shirt – it’s a girl shirt , not an over-sized man’s shirt like I often get at events. Okay, I realize I am totally rambling. Back to focusing on Word Camp.

Jeremy Wright talked about blog monetization. Content should be fantastic and ads should be ones that are valuable to your readers.

Jeremy said to think about… “Would you read your own blog?”

He also emphasized the point that although you can make money blogging, it takes a LOT of work to make a living off of blogging.

Check out what Tris Hussey had to say about Jeremy’s talk.

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