TV Time!


Thank you Yamisi for posting about the TV contest that 5 Minutes for Mom is is giving away courtesy of Best Buy.

As many of you know, I have been living in the dark ages for the last 4 or 5 years because I chose not to have TV in my house. If I do not pay for cable, satellite or whatever then I have NO TV reception in my house. It just doesn’t work here at all… too many trees or something.

Well, I made the decision to switch internet carriers this week. I’m switching from AT&T DSL to Comcast Cable. My DSL was not reliable. It would go out often and I never knew when it would come back on. When you run a virtual business… it’s kind of important that your internet service actually works. The DSL people don’t seem to understand this though. There have been times when my internet has been down for more than 5 days…

Anyway, I’m not sure I am happy with my new cable yet either. Comcast came out on Monday to install the cable. The guy made a disaster out of my network and you should see what the wires look like on the outside of my house. There are wires going every which way, even across the top of my roof. Not along the side of my roof but literally going diagonally across my flat roof. It just so happens that I need to replace my roof this year… guess what happens if I replace my roof? I’m going to have to cut the cable. Comcast is sending a network specialist out on Sunday to redo the work… I’ll let you know then if I am happy with Comcast or not. Sorry, I am digressing…

The whole point of my rambling is that in switching internet providers I got offered TV and Phone service as part of the package deal. So… I now have cable TV and I would love to win the TV that Best Buy is giving away at 5 Minutes for Mom.

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