Do You Have A Newsletter?


Do you have a newsletter for your business? I’ve been thinking about creating a newsletter for a long time but never got around to it. I help my clients with their monthly newsletters. I know the benefits of having a newsletter, I just never took the time to do one myself.

I have finally decided to go for it. I am going to start a Virtual Simplicity newsletter in 2008.

Thanks to Heather Jacobson this is going to be a lot easier for me. She just published a book titled Expanding Your Business…One Subscriber at a Time! Build Your Business With Newsletters.

The best part is the book only costs $7. I just purchased it yesterday and am already getting excited about starting my newsletter. Heather is a master at spelling things out in easy to do steps.

On top of the great advice offered in this book Heather offers an awesome perk at the end of the book. Anyone that purchases the book can be an affiliate and she is paying her affiliates 100% of the sale. How cool is that?

Happy Holidays! I will let you know when my newsletter is up and running.


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