‘Tis The Season to be… overwhelmed, stressed, tired…


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is there too much to do and not enough time to do it?

How about stop what you are doing right now and write out a task list. Write down everything you need to do. I mean everything. Get all that garble out of your head and on to a nice clean sheet of paper.

“The most important factor of an effective task list is to actually use it and look at it every day.

A task list is not something you enter into Outlook and never look at again. It is not something written on five different sticky notes all over your house or office. A task list is a working document you look at and update on a daily basis.

No task list or calendar system will work if you don’t look at it and use it every day.”

(excerpt taken from Managing Your Thriving Business For Success)

“It’s all about planning, planning, planning (and then actually doing!).”

Now, look at that task list and prioritize it. What things on that list must you do today? Put an A next to those things or a star or whatever works for you.

So… what are you waiting for… go get those things done… one at a time. Then cross them off the list and give yourself a pat on the back.

Happy Holidays!

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