What are you Doing to Celebrate February’s National Time Management Month?


Did you know February is National Time Management Month? How are you managing your time or rather how are you utilizing the time you have in each day? Are you having productive days or are you feeling overwhelmed and not so productive?

I finally wrote a press release for our book! I’m posting it here so you can utilize the $10 discount code we are offering on our book through the month of February! The code is listed below at the end of the press release. Enjoy!

February is National Time Management Month

San Francisco, CA. Time wasting is a universal problem especially in this day and age of the internet. According to Salary.com, Inc’s annual Wasting Time (at work) Survey in 2007 the leading time-wasting activities were (no surprise) personal Internet usage (34.7% of respondents), followed by socializing with co-workers (20.3%) and conducting personal business (17.0%). Respondents also reported taking long breaks to run errands while on the job and making personal phone calls.

Sally Kuhlman, of Virtual Simplicity says, “You can’t actually manage time but you can manage your actions to create a sense of having more time.”

Besides wasting time on things not related to work most people also tend to focus on low priority tasks. They don’t take the time to prioritize their tasks in to what is important, what can wait and what can be delegated. Instead they run around in a disorganized fashion feeling under constant pressure and frustrated with their lack of productivity.

Yvonne Weld and Sally Kuhlman have come up with a solution for the time wasting Small Business Owner. Their most recent e-book Managing Your Thriving Business for Success walks you through easy steps to get organized and create more time in your day. In recognition of Time Management month the book that is helping business owners get organized is selling for only $19.95.

Go to http://www.thrivingbusinessmanual.com/managing/ and enter the code: “productive” to get this special discounted offer only available during the month of February to start getting organized today.


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For more information about Managing Your Thriving Business for Success and how to start organizing your time better, visit http://www.thrivingbusinessmanual.com/managing.

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