Toodledo Day 2


I’m on day 2 of using Toodledo and I LOVE it! I just entered in my very long to do list and it is so organized. I can view my to do list from any computer any where now.

I just discovered a new feature in Toodledo. You can download your to do list in to a pdf booklet, print it and have yourself a little pocket size to do list booklet.

This is the first online to do list manager I’ve found that is easy to use, logical and works with my way of organizing my tasks. Can you tell I’m super excited about finding the program?

One thought on “Toodledo Day 2

  1. Jaime Lee

    Isn’t it the best program ever?

    I am so glad that Victoria told me about it.

    The coolest thing is that since Victoria checks my email for me, I have her set up as a collaborator on my Toodledo account. If something urgent comes through my email, she can add a to do for me on Toodledo as well as entering it into my ‘Client Spot’ collaboration space.

    It’s the best tool I’ve seen for virtual professionals. Period! For the price, it can’t be beat.


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