Virtual Co-Authors To Finally Meet Face to Face


I’m doing another round of the Get Client’s Now! 28 day system. One of my goals this week was to write a press release about our book. I did it! Here it is.


Virtual Co-Authors To Finally Meet Face to Face

San Francisco, CA
Virtual co-authors will finally get to meet face to face in May at the Forum of Virtual Assistance Conference in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sally Kuhlman, owner of Virtual Simplicity and Yvonne Weld, owner of AbleVA have never met in person yet they have co-authored a book together. Kuhlman lives in the US in California and Weld lives in Ontario, Canada.

Thanks to modern technology they spend more time communicating with each other than they do with their next door neighbors.

Kuhlman and Weld “virtually” met each other in 2006 through the VA Revolution – a private online networking/mentoring group for Virtual Assistants.

They communicate with each other on a daily basis via Skype’s Instant Messenger program. The call themselves: “accountability partners”. As “accountability partners” they share their goals with each other in addition to sharing their yearly, weekly and daily plans and hold each other accountable to those tasks they set out to do each day.

Both found success fast and had to learn how to balance work and family life while running a business out of their homes. They decided to combine their knowledge and experience to write the book, Managing Your Thriving Business for Success. The book has already seen much success since its release in November of 2007.

Kuhlman and Weld plan to celebrate with a toast to success and virtual colleagues that become real friends when they meet in Toronto in May.


About Managing Your Thriving Business for Success
For more information about Managing Your Thriving Business for Success and how to start organizing your time better, visit the Web site at

Reminder: Enter the Time Management Month discount code “productive” to receive $10 off the book now through 2/29/08.

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  1. Dusty Warren

    That’s great Sally! It sounds exciting, and I know you cannot wait.

    I purchased a copy of your book and I highly recommend it to others. Great Job!

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