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Last Thursday I got on a plane in San Francisco and flew to Toronto for the Forum on Virtual Assistance. After a long day of travel and getting through security and feeling a little dazed and confused I walked through the customs door in to a sea of people. I was pleasantly surprised to hear my name being shouted out (loudly) by Patty and Yvonne. It was great to see Patty again and to finally meet Yvonne in person.

Yvonne & Sally

Considering I am incredibly jet lagged at this moment I’m going to post a few photos from the forum and wait for my head to clear up before attempting to post anything intelligent. These photos are from the socializing part of the weekend… I’ll get down to business later this week and tell you about all the wonderful workshops.

When we arrived at the lovely Delta hotel we were greeted by Princess Terry.
We then went up to our room to get pretty before it was time for the cocktail reception.

(Left to right: Victoria, Jaime, Yvonne & Patty)

Patty’s husband won VA husband of the year again. He sent flowers to her hotel room (again).

Barb our fearless FoVA leader told us all about what we could expect from the conference.

Michelle told us a bedtime story.

Some of the VANA volunteers posed for a picture with Tawnya wearing their new sweatshirts.

(Sally, Patty, Tawnya, Terry, Yvonne)

Stay tuned for more photos and stories…

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