Mountain Biking Around The Bay


Marin County is famous for mountain biking. I’m not a mountain biker but I know a ton of them. It seems that everyone in the Bay Area bikes, however I do not. But I do hang out with bikers. They are a very social and fun crowd. Instead of writing a post about something I don’t do, I thought I’d introduce you to the owner of Mountain Biking Marin: Celia Graterol– mountain biker extraordinaire. She lives, eats and breathes mountain biking. So, if you are looking for places to mountain bike, you want to learn how to mountain bike, or you want to take your employees out on a team building mountain bike excursion then Celia, the owner of Mountain Biking Marin is the one to talk to. You can also follow her on Twitter @mamamtnbike

If you are looking for a great bike store check out China Camp Bikes & Beans. Celia wrote a review about them here: Bikes & Beans

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