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Today I went shopping and interviewed Joy Sassoon, owner of Gioia’s Boutique. Gioia’s Boutique is located in the charming downtown neighborhood of San Anselmo, CA on the west end of San Anselmo Avenue. Downtown San Anselmo is a friendly, cute, little, tree lined street filled with independently owned shops, restaurants and cafes.

Shopping in San Anselmo

Joy worked in retail for many years and discovered she really liked playing dress up with people and giving fashion advice. Seven years ago she decided to go in to business for herself and opened Gioia. She loves the social aspect of running a boutique. She enjoys meeting people and helping them make the right fashion choices. In fact, today she helped me pick out a new pair of jeans. She knew how to pick the right jeans to fit my body type. I now own a pair of jeans cool enough for my avatar to wear.

Summer Clothes San Anselmo

Gioia’s Boutique is an eclectic store for women; loved by teenagers all the way to grandmothers. She has something for everyone. (Well according to Joy, “for everyone that doesn’t want dress in cookie cutter fashion”.) Gioia’s Boutique is for the adventurous, individualist, fun, artistic, playful and elegant type of women. Joy describes some of her fashion styles as “simple elegance”. She offers everything from head to toe; semi-formal to jeans, shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, boots, handbags, sandals, jewelry, skirts, dresses and so much more. Many of the items are locally made. The store is decorated with beautiful paintings created by Joy.

Shopping in San Anselmo
Joy loves it when her shop is full of people. She is an extrovert and loves to socialize! She loves helping people put outfits together.

Clothing Boutique San Anselmo

Since San Ansemlo is a small town and Marin County is a fairly small county Joy offers a special service. For all big events in the area (prom, winter formal, fund raising events, etc) she keeps a list of dresses sold for the particular events and only sells one dress style per event. For example, if she sells a prom dress to a girl going to the Drake High School prom she will make note and not sell the same dress to anyone else going to the same Drake High School prom. By doing this she helps to reduce the chance of someone else wearing your dress to the prom. How cool is that?!

Gioia Jewelry

Gioia’s store has a mixed price point, she has something for everyone’s taste and budget.

Gioia Headbands

Become a fan of Gioia’s on Facebook to find out about specials and events.

Read more about Joy at Brandhabit.

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Gioia Boutique
706 San Anselmo Ave
San Anselmo, CA

Gioia Dress

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  1. joy

    Thanks for the tidbit! You did a great job of covering everything in a concise manner! I hope you wear those jeans a lot! I do! I am visualizing a great week!

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