Whipper Snapper


Whipper Snapper San RafaelLast night I went to downtown San Rafael to meet a few friends for Tapas and Sangria at my new favorite restaurant, The Whipper Snapper. It is located at the newly developed West End Village of 4th street in San Rafael.

This is my fourth time going to the Whipper Snapper and I keep coming back for more. The prices are reasonable (dishes $6 – $14), the service is fabulous (Thanks Ben!), the food is fantastic and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed.

We started out with a pitcher of Sangria. The Whipper Snapper has the best Sangria ever! The Whipper Snapper is fairly new to the San Rafael restaurant scene. The restaurant is decorated with incredible art made from recycled material by the artist Patrick Maloney. I wish I would have remembered to take out my camera. You can see photos of some of the art on their Website here: www.whipsnap.biz

We started with the Organic Mixed Green Salad with coconut vinaigrette. Yum! Then we shared the “Russ Hahn” Grilled Fish Taco “with cabbage salad, avocados and cilantro, lemon and cayenne pepper aioli”. I think these are the best fish tacos I’ve ever had! Amy (who is a chef) agrees with me. We also ordered a side of organic grilled sugar snap peas. So incredibly yummy, crisp and fresh. Last time I was there I had one of their special Tapas called Cuban Cigars. The owner Bill was recently on TV showing how Cuban Cigars are made. Watch the video here at The View From The Bay.

For dessert we had the Bread Pudding. OMG! It was so good!

I plan to go back to the Whipper Snapper often.

Another review of The Whipper Snapper:
Whipper Snapper crackles with character; new San Rafael restaurant is fun and good value by Leslie Harlib

Mayflower Pub San RafaelAfter we finished our delicious meal at the Whipper Snapper we headed up 4th Street to the Mayflower Pub in San Rafael. Jennifer and Jessica are always telling us about Thursday Night Trivia at the Mayflower so we decided to check it out. I had no idea this whole sub-culture of trivia aficionados existed in Marin. The bar was completely full and this Trivia Night is serious business. We walked in during the middle of the game and found our friend Jessica and joined her table. We stayed for about 30 minutes and were not able to answer a single question! I learned that I am not good at trivia. I wanted to pull out my iPhone and cheat but Jessica told me I would get kicked out if I did that. It made me think about technology these days. I wonder what is happening to our memory since we don’t have to retain things like we used to. I don’t have to remember phone numbers, birthdays, appointments or anything. My iPhone does all that for me. I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing…

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