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Marin Women's DanceLast night I went to the Marin Women’s Dance. I was impressed with how many women were there. I don’t know the exact count but my guess would be around 200. The dance was held at Jason’s restaurant in Greenbrae. The cover charge of $15 was well worth it. I’d say the crowd was mostly 35 and older and very friendly and welcoming. The venue offered a delicious buffet  included in the $15 cover. The buffet had Dragon Prawns, Tempura Green Beans (healthy fries), Salad, Lasagna, Pizza, Sandwich fixins and Cheesecake!

What I especially liked about this dance club was the set up. The room had tables and chairs around the dance floor. Outside there was a very nice open seating area, along with a covered heated patio area with a view of Corte Madera Creek. It was great to be able to go outside and talk with others in between dancing. Most dance clubs are so loud you can’t talk to your friends. I enjoyed the mix of dancing and socializing. The DJ from Denon and Doyle had a selection of music for everyone. The music ranged from Big Band to Two-Step to Hip Hop to Rock to Disco.

It is different to dance on an all women’s dance floor. No one is trying to grope you or freak dance with you. You can squeeze through the crowd without someone grabbing your butt or “accidentally” brushing against your chest. (I’m not implying that all men do this just saying this often happens at co-ed dances/bars and has never happened to me at all women dances.) Everyone is just dancing and having fun.

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