Not Quite the Bay Area


Reno, NevadaSorry I have been out of touch for a few days. I left the Bay Area and was in Reno, Nevada for the weekend at a Volleyball tournament. Since I did not get to sally around the bay this weekend I thought I’d tell you about a nice place I discovered in Reno. Reno is a 3-4 hour drive from the Bay Area. I am not a big fan of noisy, smokey Casinos so I went on a search for a restaurant not attached to a Casino. I decided a brew would be nice after chaperoning the 15 yr old girl volleyball team. It was time for me to relax!

I did a google search and found the Silver Peak Brewery in Reno (less than 3 miles from my hotel). Woohoo! Score! There are two Silver Peak Brewery’s in the area, we went to the one located at 124 Wonder Street. I was happy to hear they had a 5-barrel brewhouse with both ales and lagers. We went with 4 other volleyball parents and had a great time. We ordered a beer sampler. I sampled a Chocolate beer, Dunkelweizen, XXX Blonde, a few others and settled on ordering a Baileywheat Hefeweizen. The food was awesome, it’s not your typical brewery food. They had a range of choices from Grilled Salmon with mango ginger glaze and coconut rice, T-Bone Steak with rosemary garlic butter and roasted asparagus, Grilled Lamb burger with kalamata olives and goat cheese to a 5-Cheese grilled cheese sandwich and salads. We all agreed if we are in Reno again we would definitely go to the Silver Peak brewery again.

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