Chinatown, San Francisco


Two weeks ago I had family visiting from Latin America. We had a fun filled weekend packed with tourist activities and I had great plans to blog about it right away. Well life happened and here we are two weeks later. I managed to get our first breakfast in Tiburon blogged about and am now finally continuing with the rest of the weekend.

After we finished breakfast we made our way in to San Francisco. We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and in to the city. Our first stop was Chinatown.

We wandered the streets checking out all the local shops. I discovered you can get great deals on household items and decorations in Chinatown. I found beautiful pillow covers for my throw pillows for only $3.99 each!


You can also find very unique gifts.

I was surprised at how inexpensive the fruits and vegetables were. And, if you are looking for a cheap haircut – Chinatown is the place to go. On almost every block there is a $5 haircut place.


After a few hours of walking and shopping we decided we were hungry for some Dim Sum. Celia got the brilliant idea to ask the local police where they like to eat in the neighborhood. We just happened to run in to a whole bunch of friendly police officers celebrating the retirement of an officer who had been in the force for 37 years. They knew the neighborhood and the restaurants better than anyone! One officer recommended his favorite place to eat, a little hole in the wall located about 2 blocks away.

To be continued…


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