Around the World in One Random Rainy Day


The weekend Celia’s cool cousins came to visit was the weekend of eating food from all different cultures. After the American breakfast in Tiburon and the best Dim Sum ever lunch in San Francisco’s Chinatown we had dessert in North Beach (also called San Francisco’s Little Italy).

North Beach is located between Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf. We walked in the sprinkling rain from Chinatown to North Beach passing many shops along the way including this interesting smoke shop

Ali Baba
By the time we got to North Beach it was pouring rain so we ducked in to the first Italian restaurant we saw, Mona Lisa’s.  We landed in the perfect place for some yummy dessert. Mona Lisa’s has a huge dessert menu! Celia and I shared the Flute Limoncello – “Refreshing lemon gelato swirled together with limoncello, presented in a champagne glass” and we ordered espresso to warm us up. The espresso was authentic and delicious Italian espresso served in the tiny cups.

espresson in San Francisco
It was still pouring rain after dessert and we had no umbrellas so we decided the walking part of our San Francisco tour was done for the day. On our way back to the car we passed a group of women all huddled together. Being the nosy person that I am, I walked over to see what they were doing? They seemed to be playing a very serious game of cards. I pretended to be looking at my phone while I took this photo. *wink*

san francisco chinatown

We then got in the car and took a few site seeing detours on our way home. First we drove down the famous curvy Lombard street,  then we drove through Fisherman’s Wharf and then to Crissy Field (to show our visitors our secret-amazing-view-of-the-Golden-Gate-Bridge-spot) located just past the Sports Basement.

After taking in the breathtaking view we stopped at Sports Basement (which happens to be much cheaper than REI but has the same stuff) and I finally got a new pair of hiking shoes so I can continue my daily hikes in Marin without slipping and twisting my ankle. By the way, the rain we got last week brought a whole new wave of wildflowers to the trails!

Wildflowers Marin

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  1. Paula Belyeu

    I’m absolutely loving your “Sally Around the Bay” blog. The next time that I am in San Francisco, we gotta hang out! 🙂 I’ve been to SF for business, but never just for pleasure. I truly enjoyed this particular post, especially the ladies sitting around in a circle. Taking a picture with your phone….classic! Sounds like one of my moves! Keep up the great work!

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