Avatar’s in Sausalito


The weekend of eating food from all over the world continued…

Avatar's in Sausalito

After the American breakfast in Tiburon, Dim Sum lunch in San Francisco’s Chinatown, espresso in North Beach, we took Celia’s cousins out to dinner to our new favorite restaurant: Avatar’s in Sausalito. Avatar’s is a unique Indian-Mexican restaurant that our friends Dolores & Tom recently introduced us to. I’ve driven by it for years and never thought to stop. I’m so glad I finally did.

When you arrive at Avatar’s you will be greeted either by Ashok or his right hand man, Juan. Avatar’s is a very special place. Ashok seems to have a photographic memory. He remembers us each time we come in and even remembers what we ordered the last time were there. He knows we like to start with a black beer called Xingu, which is a light and crisp Brazilian beer. He then asks us what we are in the mood for and offers to make us custom dishes. He says, “Do you want vegan, vegetarian, sea food, chicken, lamb, or gluten free? Do you like it mild or super spicy?” After you answer he pauses for a thoughtful moment and says, “I have just the idea for you! Let me surprise you! You will love it!”. We say okay and I comment to Celia that I think he is probably trying to program us with the “You will love it” affirmation.  Celia rolls her eyes at my comment while we enjoy our black beer and wait for our food.

Without  fail, every single time I’ve gone to Avatar’s and Ashok has said “You will love it!” has has been correct! We LOVE the food that is prepared by the head chef (his sister Kala). Kala is an amazing chef. She makes the best, mouthwatering dishes I have ever had! The flavors are exquisite. Each bite is bursting with individual flavors. Very high quality food. You can check out the menu here.

Ashok is quite a character in his stylish designer jeans. I can tell he and his family work hard because the restaurant is always hopping. His other sister Krisna is the hostess.  Ashok and his family have a way of making you feel like you are the only customer in the restaurant. Ashok always smiles, is always positive and is totally present in the moment when he is taking your order.

I was so caught up in enjoying the food, company and the experience of the restaurant I forgot to take pictures. I wish I would have because the food was presented in such an enjoyable way.

Avatar’s is located at:
2656 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA 94965
Tel. 415.332.8083

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