Sally Around the Bay

Sushi in Sausalito


I almost forgot to mention the last stop of our weekend around the world. We had Sushi in Sausalito. When you mention Sushi in Sausalito most locals will think of Sushi Ran which is a great place but I’ve discovered another gem of a Sushi place in Sausalito somewhat off the beaten path, Sweet Ginger!

Sushi in Sausalito

Depending on your mood both are great choices! Sweet Ginger has a totally different feel and scene than Sushi Ran. I’d describe Sushi Ran as a hip, place to be seen Sushi and wine bar with a big city feel.

Sweet Ginger is simple, quiet, relaxing and YUMMY! The service is great. The staff always remembers us and the food is always fresh. I’m now hearing the song from Cheers in my head. After you are seated the waiter greets you with warm cloths to wipe your hands with. I like this touch.

Sushi in Sausalito

I always order a Seaweed salad before my Sushi. Sweet Ginger serves a fresh and crisp Seaweed salad. I wish I would have taken a picture of the Seaweed Salad.

Sweet Ginger is located at:
400 Caledonia St
Sausalito, CA 94966
(415) 332-1683

Sushi in Sausalito

A special thank you to these 3 Venezuelans for helping me sally around the bay that fun weekend.

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