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Last month I attended the online Superlicious Diva Business Day with Lisa Hunter. Wow what a great experience that was! I met lots of new entrepreneurial women and we had so much fun together. It was like a virtual playground. Lisa and the group reminded me to have fun while working and to take breaks to play. Even though we were having fun and playing we were also getting down to serious business, we did some brainstorming, talked about business ideas, and made some great connections. Lisa is lots of fun and very inspiring to be around. Lisa has been my coach in the past and she is one the people that helped inspire me to create the new blog: Sally Around The Bay. I always have so much fun with Lisa, I thought it would be fun to interview her about the Superlicious Diva Business Day.

Your Name: Lisa Hunter

Company Name: Inner Business Diva

Type of Company: A place for spirited, go-getting entrepreneurial women to make new business connections and thrive

How long have you been in business? I’ve had this particular business for 4 years. Overall, I’ve been in business for myself for 14 years!

Why/How did you get in to this business? I have the spirited, go-getting-entrepreneurial-woman gene myself, which means that I tend to have friends who are the same way. We have so much fun when we get together – the brainstorming, the inspiration, the connections and the goofball antics. I would feel so alone running my own business if I didn’t have these women in my life. I also love facilitating new connections. So… I decided to make it official and create a network where spirited entrepreneurial women gather and then magic ensues.

Do you have fun running your business? Yes yes yes! I used to be on a very long path of working myself into the ground until I couldn’t take it anymore. Then last year I decided that I would only say ‘yes’ to projects that feel fun and that energize me. Seriously, if fun isn’t in the equation I don’t do it. And the Diva Day network is about women connecting, but it’s also about getting together and blowing off a little steam and getting kinda goofy. You know how you get a little goofy after you’ve been sitting in front of your computer for too long? Well you’re totally encouraged to act on that goofiness on the network, and best of all, the other women “get” it.

What do you sell? What service do you offer? Two things: Superlicious Diva Business Day which is a network for the sassy, passionately-driven entrepreneurial type. Diva Day is just once a month, which I love because it makes the day really special, with lots of synergy. I’m also about to launch a new book/course: Sexy Time Management. It teaches you the art of tapping into your right rhythm and using that to guide your scheduling, rather than all those boring old time management tips that we’ve all tried, but that never seem to fully work for anybody.

What is your favorite product that you sell? Can’t pick! It’s like being a mom and trying to pick your favorite kid!

Do you have any specials right now? There’s a special on your first Diva Day. Since the only way to find out if you like Diva Day is try it, I like to meet your risk by giving you an intro rate of $14 for your first Diva Day. And then the regular monthly membership fee after that is $19 if you decide you want to stay. You can try it out and cancel if you find it’s not your cup of tea.

Any advice for new entrepreneurs, someone just getting started?
It really is important to keep things fun. The products/services that I’ve offered over the years have been progressively more and more fun for me. And I’ve noticed that I get more energy from my offerings, the more they include a playful component. I know that place well of being all serious and tired from owning a business, and it just doesn’t feed the business or you. Now, incorporating fun is sometimes easier said than done, but I’ll tell ya – if you can find even little ways, or if you can weave it into one of your products/services, your business and your soul will thank you!

Where can people find your product? My cute l’il ole website! The specific page for Diva Day is:

What is the best way to contact you or to order your product online? If you’re interested in Diva Day, there’s lots of information on the site and if it feels right to you, then you can just sign up on the Diva Day page. If you have questions, then you can fill out the contact form on the page and I’ll be happy to answer whatever you need to know.

Do you want to offer a special discount or offer to Virtual Simplicity blog readers? Hmmm, they can have the first TWO months for $14/month. And then $19 after that. They’d just need to send me a special email that they read your blog so that I can program the billing accordingly. And they don’t have to commit to the ongoing, they can cancel whenever they want.

Thanks Lisa! I can’t wait until the next Diva Day which I know is coming up soon!

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