Local Music in Marin County


marin-local-musicWith all the talk of Michael Jackson and everyone focused on music, I thought now would be a good time to talk about Marin Local Music.

If you are a music lover and you live in the Bay Area or are visiting the Bay Area then you might want to check out Marin Local Music.

What exactly is Marin Local Music?
“Marin Local Music (MLM) is a social network for people who support live, local music in Marin County, California. Other online social networks such as Facebook or MySpace seek to create virtual, global communities with technology. MLM starts with a very real community and simply uses technology to organize, inform and promote its members and activities. By maintaining a single focus on music in a small geographical area, it is possible to include every possible facet of the community and get the most complete coverage. The technology not only makes information easily accessible, it also enables each of the individual members to contribute on their own. This keeps the information fresh, relevant, and personal to keep things interesting.” –www.marinlocalmusic.com

Marin Local music was created by Shelley and Dave Champine. It’s the best place to find out where all the local music events are happening.

Check out www.marinlocalmusic.com/weekend to see what is going on this weekend.

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