Virtual Assistant High Heels Day


July 9th is the official Virtual Assistant High Heels Day!

Unlike, Tawnya Sutherland I do NOT miss wearing high heels. You can read here about how Tawnya was inspired to create Virtual Assistant High Heels Day.

I have never been fond of high heels. In fact, I am not even fond of wearing shoes period. Shoes hurt my feet. I only wear shoes when I absolutely have to. It was a joke with my family when I was growing up, “Sally, put your shoes on!”. My high school principal used to seek me out and make sure I had my shoes on (because I never did). I walked around high school in stocking feet hoping no one would notice. The principal got to the point where he would stand and wait for me to put my shoes on (the ones I carried in my bag in case any person of authority insisted I wear my shoes). I remember one time walking around a mall with no shoes on and my mom kept telling me to put them on, I didn’t put them on until the security guard told me I had to or we would have to leave. Darn liability laws.

The point is, I do not like shoes and I especially do not like heels but I hate to miss a out on something fun. So… I put my heels up high and took a picture and submitted it to the VAnetworking High Heels Day which also happens to be bringing awareness and support to the March of Dimes.

“If you would like to show your support in a monetary fashion, please also visit the March of Dimes website and submit your donation in Honor of Virtual Assistant High Heels Day.”

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