The Three Ponchos


PonchoGuest post by Jen A, Owner of Puppy Love Pet Sitting

I love pet sitting around The Bay, as it gives me a chance to roam various neighborhoods when I’m out dog walking. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of pet sitting Poncho, a super smart and playful Black Lab who loves to love and like most Labs, loves to eat! I heard there were some great restaurants in Tiburon, so Poncho and I began our mission.  As we were wandering Tiburon looking for some good recession specials, I realized our adventure was two fold: cheap eats AND dog friendly.  You might think this would be an easy find for the Bay Area; not so. While there are a lot of restaurants with patios, they are usually accessible only by going through the restaurant, where dogs are not allowed. Yes, you can find the occasional cafe that allows pets, but I wanted a meal, not a muffin.

I walked down both sides of Tiburon Blvd. and mingled with downtown long enough to know Poncho wasn’t welcome in any of the local and well known restaurants. Hungry but not defeated, we trekked further down the beaten path. Around the corner and located in what is known as Ark Row, was a small Salvadoran/Mexican restaurant with an even smaller patio called, ‘Poncho’s Casa Manana’. Could it be? This whole time searching for a dog friendly patio and here it was, fatefully waiting to be found.

The owner came out as I walked on the patio. I thought he was going to tell me the usual, ‘No Dogs Allowed.’ Instead, he had a cup of water that he placed at the foot of my table so that Poncho had something to drink. Poncho got waited on before I did! I was grateful for his efforts and introduced Poncho to the owner whose name is…you guessed it, Poncho.

The complimentary chips and two different salsas were first on the table. I ordered a soft shell, open faced taco and it came with a side salad. I saw the dessert menu and had to have a coconut ice cream bar to make a perfectly sweet end to my flavorful and well portioned meal. When the bill came, I could hardly believe the total for my entire meal plus dessert; $6.00! No recession specials needed here, Poncho’s is by far the best deal for price and quantity.  Poncho (the owner) returned outside several times to check on me and to make sure Poncho (the dog) had enough to drink. Sold! Any restaurant with authentic food that gives this level of service deserves my business and that of all dog-friendly folks.

Poncho's in Tiburon

Poncho’s (the restaurant)- 110 Main Street, Tiburon
Poncho (the owner)- Accommodating and friendly. His mother and brother own restaurants in San Rafael and Terra Linda.
Poncho (the dog)- The best dog ever, his Facebook page says so. Become a fan.


Note from Sally: Jen A is a wonderful dog sitter! Poncho was very happy with her. She was perfect for me because she sent me daily emails about Poncho. I’d highly recommend Jen to any dog owner who worries (like me) about their best friend while traveling. Jen took great care of Poncho and kept in contact with me via email so I always knew Poncho was okay. I think Poncho loves Jen more than me now. You can contact Jen by emailing her.


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  1. Becki Noles

    Poncho totally rocks! Poncho the dog that is, although I’m sure Poncho of Poncho’s is a good one too! I’m happy to see that you have dog friendly establishments, even if off the beaten path. Pennsylvania should take a few lessons from California.

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