The OC


BalboaI have to confess something… I’ve left the San Francisco Bay Area (but only for a week). 🙂

I’m spending the week around another bay – the Newport Bay in Orange County (also known as The OC). I’m here visiting my family. By the way, it is not cool to call Orange County “The OC” but I just can’t help myself. I think I may have turned in to one of those snotty Bay Area people I often hear Southern Californian’s referring to. Although, after living in Northern California for 15+ years I have to say being back here visiting Orange County I’m starting to appreciate OC in new ways.

The weather here is beautiful! The white sandy beaches are gorgeous.  The beach boardwalk if fun. The people are friendly. When I walk Poncho, everyone I pass says hi. It’s really easy to shop here – not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing though. If I lived here I would probably be broke or in serious debt. There are shopping malls with in 5 minutes of any direction you turn. I never shop at home, it’s too much effort. Here if someone asks you if you want to go to Target you say, “which one?” If someone asks me up North if I want to go to Target I say,  “no, it’s too far I don’t want to drive all the way there”. Another thing I like about The OC is that it is flat. I know my mountain biking friends would say flat is boring but I like flat when riding a bike. If I lived here I would ride my bike everywhere. Actually, it’s not all flat there is even great mountain biking here.

Oh, another thing… people have some cool hobbies here. My brother and brother-in-law both have dune buggies! I got to ride in one yesterday. It’s green and sparkly. I like anything that is sparkly.

doon buggy

Since I will be in The OC for the rest of the week I will be blogging about all the gems I discover here around the Newport Bay and beyond.

doon buggy yellow

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