Time to Relax


Something to do if you are looking for a little relaxation around the bay: visit a Spa and get a massage.

I got a massage last weekend! I finally used a gift certificate for Stellar Spa in Corte Madera that I’ve been holding on to for quite awhile.  I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and decided it was time for that massage! So I reserved 1.5 hours of a deep tissue massage with Natasha. Stellar Spa is really nice. I don’t get massages very often so this was quite a treat.

The moment I walked in, I was greeted. They were expecting me and made me feel welcome and comfortable. I was handed a big, plush robe and slippers and escorted to the dressing room. The dressing room itself was enough to relax me. It was very nice with wooden lockers, private showers and all sorts of delicious smelling lotions and soaps. After I got in to my comfy robe and tried some of the soap and lotion I headed to the Quiet Zone. This is a room with comfy chairs and couches, a water fall, nice mellow music, filtered water, tea, nuts, dried fruit and magazines. I got myself some water and sat down to read Spa magazine and learn about all the benefits of going to the Spa. Actually I found an interesting article on healthy meals for your dog so I think Poncho is going to be trying some new food soon. 🙂

After a few moments of reading and relaxing Natasha came and told me it was time for my massage. She brought me to the room and had me lay down on a comfy, cozy bed. During the massage my robe was hung on a towel warmer.

Natasha gave me a wonderful massage and forced all that stress out of me.

I had a wonderful experience at Stellar Spa and think if I’m going to splurge on a massage for myself in the future it’s worth it to go to a nice place like Stellar and get all the extra perks.

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