Hiking Around The Bay – Marin


One of the most affordable things to do in the Bay Area is to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. I go for a hike everyday with my dog Poncho, my neighbor Amy and her dog Annie. Today was one of those beautiful Bay Area days so I thought it would be fun to share some photos from our daily hike.

Poncho waiting for hikePoncho waiting to go on hike. He can see Amy’s house from this window and waits there every morning. The other day Poncho escaped because someone left the gate open and I found him in Amy’s yard waiting by her door.

Annie hikeAnnie at the beginning of hike. She likes to take her time.

Miwok CutoffMiwok Cutoff trail. Amazing views of Tennessee Valley Beach and Muir Beach.


Here are some of the views we see everyday on our hike. The amazing thing about the Bay Area is that the same view looks different everyday depending upon the weather. It could be totally foggy with no view, crystal clear, cloudy, you just never know what you are going to get.
Bay Area hiking

Marin Hiking

Beautiful Marin
Views from the trails in Marin

If you are looking for some more specific information about hiking in Marin County here are a few Websites I found:

MarinIJ: Hike of the Week

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