Being Authentic is Professional


I’m on an authenticity kick right now. I mean I’ve always believed in being authentic, real and full of integrity but sometimes it’s hard to figure out who my authentic self is. I guess I’m trying to find MY voice.

I just sent a proposal to a potential client. I have to admit I procrastinated on this proposal because I was feeling a little intimidated. Not intimidated about the work, because I know my team would do an awesome job on the project. What I felt intimidated about was how I was going to present my proposal. This potential client had received a proposal from a big company and she showed me the proposal to ask if this is something I could do for her. The proposal was very professional looking and presented in charts and easy to read.

For some reason, because I saw that proposal I felt like I had to submit a proposal that looked just like it. I don’t do my proposals like that. I’m pretty simple and straight forward. I write out what I will do for you and how much it will cost. I don’t add all the bells and whistles.

This morning I realized I wasn’t being authentic by worrying about how my proposal should look. I realized I just need to send her my proposal the way I write them. It is then up to her to decide if she wants to work with me the person who sends simple and straight forward proposals or work with the company that sends the pretty, polished and formulated proposal. Whoever she chooses is probably the right person for her.

Are you being authentic in how you present yourself to your customers and potential clients?

Is your business THRIVING or just surviving?

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