The Urge to Purge


Hi my name is Sally and my desk is a mess. (See the picture to the left as proof). I have the urge to purge! I own a business called Virtual Simplicity and I help other people get and stay organized. With that profession you’d think I’d have a spotless desk, wouldn’t you? As much as I hate to admit it my desk is not spotless, it is messy! I struggle every day with this. I want a spotless desk!

I recently met Jen from Inspired Home Office through Diva Day who explained to me that it is okay to have things on my desk. A desk in use is going to have stuff on it. So Jen’s words gave me some encouragement but I still want that clean and shiny executive desk that I picture myself having. I want to walk into my office and look at my desk and feel a sense of relaxation. Not walk in and get mad at myself for having such a messy desk.

In an effort to achieve the desk I dream of, the desk I preach about… I am going to start purging. I got the idea to purge 5 things a day for 5 days and thought it would be fun to invite others to join me. Is your desk a mess? Do you want to do the 5 things a day for 5 days purge?

There is a section in mine and Yvonne’s book called:


Pitfall #4 – Clutter

When you visualize a successful CEO’s office, do you see a messy, clutter-filled office with so much paper work piled up you can’t even see the top of the desk? Or do you see a spacious, clean, simple office with an organized desk and a big, shiny workspace?

Now look around your own office and desk. Does it look like the successful CEO’s office or is it a clutter-filled mess? Schedule a few minutes at the end of each today to put back what you have taken out (i.e. files, office supplies, etc). – Managing Your Thriving Business For Success.

I think it is time I start practicing what I preach. It’s so easy to give advice and sometimes so hard to follow it.

3 thoughts on “The Urge to Purge

  1. Gladys

    Yes, my desk needs to be decluttered and organized! Sign me up for the challenge.

    Now…all I have to do is find time to go through the papers. Guess I'll take care of the receipts sitting right next to me first!

  2. Sally_K

    Gladys – time is the reason I suggested purging only 5 things a day. So starting with the receipts sitting right next to you sounds like a good idea.

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