Urge to Purge Day 2


After yesterday’s post I removed 5 things from my desk. It’s starting to look a little better. Oh and I also made a deal with myself to not add any new things to my desk. Whatever I take out I will put away. Whatever needs to be thrown away or recycled will be. However, I’m noticing I didn’t quite stick to my deal. Even though there is less stuff on my desk today than there was yesterday, I added a few things (a necklace, my sunglasses, a coffee cup, and a glass of water). This purging stuff is harder to do than it sounds.

Yesterday I purged (actually put away) my pens, the little bulldog clip, sticky notes, kid’s school directory and my checkbook. I purged an old Sudafed pill that was in my desk drawer and has been in there for probably a year. Why was I saving a Sudafed pill in my desk drawer? Who knows?

You may have noticed the little wind-up robot on my desk from yesterday’s photo or maybe you didn’t because my desk was so messy he fell over.

The little robot is named Robbie. When I was in 4th grade I wrote a story about Robbie the Robot explaining that the reason my desk was messy inside was because there was a robot named Robbie that lived in there and messed it up every night while I was at home sleeping. My teacher thought this was so funny, he shared the story with other teachers, students, and my parents. A few months ago in Diva Day I was complaining about my messy desk and remembered the story of Robbie the Robot. I shared the story with the group and someone suggested I get a robot to keep on my desk and remind myself not to be so hard on myself about my messy desk.

I’d like to introduce you to Robbie. However, now that I’m a grown-up it is time for me to take ownership of my own mess. It is not Robbie’s fault. I can’t blame Robbie. Robbie is here to remind me to keep my desk clean. When he falls over it’s a reminder to me that it’s time to stop and clean up the desk again.

It’s time for me to purge (or put away 5 more things). How are you doing with keeping your desk clean? Did you find any strange things on your desk or in your desk drawers?

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