Urge to Purge Day 4


Today I purged the information booklet from my health insurance (because I never read it anyway), I filed some papers I need to save for clients, found my Get Clients Now! tracking sheets… hmmm maybe I will start that program again. I finally took the sent faxes out of my fax machine and filed them.

I put away Poncho’s (my dog) file (with all the Vet receipts and other miscellaneous Poncho info) back with the personal files in the other room where it belongs! I also put away my recipe file that got left in here after I emailed Becki the Crock Pot stew recipe.

It seems my blog ramblings about organizing my desk have inspired a few others to do the same. After day 1 of my urge to purge my mom sent me a picture of her desk saying my problem (of a clutter-filled desk) might be genetic.

(Very clever how she took the picture with the picture of my desk on her screen)

Today my mom sent me a new pic of her clean desk. She wanted to note that the flower was placed there just for the picture because she would never actually leave a vase there where water could be spilled on her keyboard.

Something I’ve learned (remembered) in these 4 days of purging. Keeping your desk clean and organized is an ongoing process. You can’t just clean your desk once and expect it to stay clean. You have to always put away what you take out. It’s a good idea to set time aside each day to clear off the clutter. I don’t know about you but my desk is like a clutter magnet. My desk was cleared off a few minutes ago but now it has my book, my purple pen, my water bottle, my wallet, and my lotion on it. If I don’t stop right now to put these things back where they belong they may soon take permanent residence on my desktop.

Day 5 I will tackle my In box.

2 thoughts on “Urge to Purge Day 4

  1. Emma Springer

    I know the feeling. I decluttered a few weeks ago and I plan to keep my desk clean. I tend to pile up things too because I think that I will need them later but I never get back to them. Understand completely.

  2. Justin

    I have a glass-top L-shaped desk – one arm has three monitors and my keyboard, the other is where things tend to be dropped. There is now a large black-and-red sign taped to the underside of the desktop that reads:

    Don't put that down!

    With the exception of my netbook (which is waiting for a tune up before going back to live in the car) nothing has been put down there. Odd, that…

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