Buy a hat, help save someone’s home


Today is one of those cold and foggy San Francisco days which means I get to wear my new hat! I believe in supporting entrepreneurs. I also admire people who are creative. When I heard about the 500 Hats challenge (from @CandyTX)  I had to get one for myself.

Sally Hat

500 Hats is the genius idea of a woman who was trying to figure out how to make ends meet in the current economy. She and her husband are trying to avoid foreclosure. She came up with the idea to knit 500 hats in 30 days during the month of August and sell them for $10 each which would help her earn enough money to pay her mortgage. She didn’t quite sell 500 but she did sell enough to keep her house for another month. She has extended the project through October 1st.

Her motto is, “Buy a hat. Wear it, donate it. Save my home.”

I love my hat!

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