My BIG MINI Dream! (Part 1)


By day I’m a blogger, social networker, restaurant reviewer, owner of Virtual Simplicity and explorer of the Bay Area, but deep inside there is a bright-eyed little girl who has always dreamed of driving a Mini Cooper. I used to see those old ones driving around and dreamt of having a pink one for myself.

Because of my dream I am writing an open letter to MiniSF (see below).

Mini Dreams

Dear MiniSF,

I have a dream! That dream is to drive a MINI all over the San Francisco Bay Area and blog about it! MiniSF, if you were to give me the car of my dreams I will blog, tweet and Facebook about my MINI adventure wherever I go. My virtual friends are ALL over the Bay Area and the internet. They are social networking queens (and kings). I will take pictures of my MINI in front of restaurants, in front of boutiques, parked near hiking trails, at the beach, in San Francisco, next to the Golden Gate Bridge, at the farm, in Napa, with a mountain bike on it, with my dog in it, everywhere!

Like I said, I have a BIG mouth so I will tell EVERYONE about my new MINI. I will tell all the restaurants I visit, the store owners and especially all my virtual friends via Twitter, Facebook and all the other places people listen to me. I will even play a fun weekly game on my blog titled Where’s MINI?. In this game, I will take photos of my MINI parked in prominent Bay Area places and ask my readers to tell me where my MINI is parked. I will also tell every newspaper in the Bay Area about my cool new MINI.

I will constantly tweet about my MINI and how much I love it! I will also talk about my MINI on Facebook and post pictures of it. Basically, I will be your social networking dream girl!

Owning a MINI would be my dream come true! Everyone that knows me KNOWS that I REALLY want a MINI. I can picture myself walking out of the next restaurant I’m at and seeing MY MINI parked in the parking lot and I will have a BIG smile on my face.

In addition to driving my MINI all over the San Francisco Bay Area I will drive it around the country to visit my many virtual friends who are cheering on my dream! I would love to tweet about my dream becoming a reality and watch all my friends re-tweet it and blog about it!

@MiniSF it’s your move now! I know MINI is all about fulfilling customer’s dreams…

The way I see it, this is Win Win for both of us!

Thank you!


Thank you!!!!

PS. @MiniSF had no idea I was going to do this. Actually I had no idea I was going to do this. I’ve been thinking about how to approach them for a very long time and when I found them on Twitter yesterday I got so excited I couldn’t stop myself. (I have a Big mouth and then my Big Twitter following got on the Band Wagon and encouraged me!)

This is how happy I will be when I drive my new MINI!

Dear Tweeting Friends: If you are reading this please:

STEP 1 – Follow MiniSF on Twitter by clicking here @MiniSF. (If you don’t have a Twitter account yet you can get a FREE one by clicking here)

STEP 2 – Follow me so you can read about the progress of my big mini dream by clicking here @Sally_K

STEP 3 – (MOST IMPORTANT!) Retweet this EXACT message on Twitter:


OR simply copy and paste the text below
in the box and post it to your Twitter account.

I believe in @Sally_K ‘s Big Mini Dream! Do you @MiniSF? #MiniSally (PLS RT)

I want my name to be displayed on this sign!

Thank you!

To be continued…

24 thoughts on “My BIG MINI Dream! (Part 1)

  1. Kristen Beireis

    Sally, you rock!! I can just imagine you driving cross-country to Ohio to visit me!! You’d get to meet my kitties and Hubby (in that order, LOL!!). We could go downtown Cincy and take a pic of you and your MINI at The Great American Ballpark or the Ohio River. I think it’s awesome that you are asking for what you want! I hope MINISF gives you the pink MINI of your dreams! Good Luck!


  2. Terry Green

    Yay Sally … I love it. I’m so glad you did the post. Heck you can drive it to Ohio to see both Kristen and I and to Phoenix and wherever else it takes you 🙂

  3. Sally Post author

    Everyone thanks for the support! I hope to be writing Part II of this blog post soon (with a picture of me driving my new MINI!)

    Peggy – a Pink MINI would be cool so would Purple or blue actually I like all the colors. In fact, I think I’d even like a polka dotted one.

    I really appreciate all the retweets on Twitter! You all rock!

    Thank you!

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