Starting up a Business Economically


Working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies there is something I see time and time again. I see people spend a whole bunch of money upfront on things that are not really necessary (in my humble opinion). People purchase fancy letterhead, stationary, brochures, logos, Websites and business cards. They put a lot of attention, focus and money on the impression they are going to make but what they don’t do is put a lot of attention and focus on the service they are going to provide or who they are going to provide it to. More often than not I’ve seen entrepreneurs within the first year of business decide to change their whole focus which means the letterhead, the brochure and the business cards are heading to the recycling bin and the Website and logo are being completely re-done.

I’ve seen people buy all sorts of offices supplies – a new computer, a new fax machine, a fancy printer, a scanner, a phone system, pens, etc.

I’ve also seen people use all these “things” they must have as an excuse to not put themselves out there and really start their business. I hear things like, “I can’t go to that networking meeting because I don’t have a Website yet or I don’t have brochures yet or my Website isn’t done yet.” I’ll let you in on a little secret… Websites are never done!

If you are thinking about starting a business I say start with the basics. Get a Website or Blog and a simple professional looking business card. The letterhead, brochures, logos and fancy Website are not going to get you business. What is going to get you business are your skills at networking and connecting with others, the quality of service you provide and a way for people to find you (ie. contact info on Website and business cards).

What are you waiting for? Stop trying to be perfect. Stop making excuses. Stop wasting money. Remember you have a service to offer that most likely someone else needs.

Pic of office supplies via Flickr User nickjohnson
PS. Thanks to Mack Collier for explaining an easy way to give photo credit when using creative common photos from Flickr.

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