Coffee and Shopping in The Haight


If you like to shop for unique things then Haight Street in San Francisco is the place to go. I find it ironic that I’m talking about Haight Street and shopping in the same sentence because The Haight district is known for being the center of the hippie movement in the 60s. It was also where the famous “Summer of Love” took place in 1967. Let’s just say times have changed and many  people go to The Haight/Ashbury area to shop now. It’s not your typical tourist shopping though; Haight Street is full of tons of original shops. Lots of consignment shops that carry hip stuff, shoe stores, costumes, clothing – the kind you would only find in San Francisco, head shops, book stores, cafes and so much more. The Haight is one great place for people watching (if you like purple hair).

I have a friend visiting from out of town. She has never been to San Francisco and she likes to shop so naturally I took her to The Haight District. She was looking for a Halloween costume. The Haight is a GREAT place to shop for Halloween costumes. She got a BatGirl costume.

Cafe Cole

I discovered a great little Café in the Haight this time. It’s on Cole Street near Haight Street. It’s called, Café Cole.  The place is charming, the staff was friendly and the Café Latte was delicious!

Cafe Cole
609 Cole Street
San Francisco, CA 94117


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