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We tried a new Sushi place this past weekend to celebrate our anniversary. The place is Tsukiji Sushi and it is located in downtown Mill Valley. Tsukiji Sushi restaurant is beautiful, the service is great and the food is delicious! We will definitely go back. We started out with a small bottle of the house hot Sake, a cup of Miso Soup, a Seaweed Salad and the Spinach Sesame Salad.


Then we ordered our usual favorites (Salmon Sake, Hamachi, Rock-n-Roll, etc). Lately, we have been being more adventuresome and trying new things each time we go out for Sushi. We asked the waitress for suggestions this time. She suggested the Butterfish. Wow! The Butterfish was amazing, creamy and kind of just melted in your mouth.


Tsukiji Sushi
24 Sunnyside Avenue
Mill Valley, CA

MoreMarin published a great review about Tsukiji with pictures (so you can see how pretty the restaurant is). I don’t think my cell phone photos do it justice.
You can read the MoreMarin review here.

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  1. Peggy Butler

    They’re on Twitter @TsukijiSushi, though they haven’t tweeted lately. @DrMichellexo & I ate there when they first opened. Very yummy!

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