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Twitter-Sally_KIf you are active on Twitter you probably have noticed that you’ve been added to people’s “lists“. You might have also noticed people can call their lists whatever they want and you are suddenly associated with whatever that title is. For instance, I’m on a list titled I-follow-them-4-no-reason.

Being on this list got me to thinking. ..

What if someone puts you on a Twitter list you don’t want to be on? Can you just click “Remove From List”? No, not yet. Although I think a remove option would be a very nice idea for Twitter to add. Twitter is all about creating your own community and having control over what you put out there.

If you find yourself on a Twitter list that you do not want to be on, there is a way to remove yourself from a Twitter list!

Click on the list creators profile → block them then unblock them wahlah voilà* you are magically removed from their list.

It works, I just tried it! If you happen to be the person whose list I removed myself from please don’t take it personally, I was just testing the system.

I learned this nice little trick reading the Techie-Buzz blog.

PS. I’m still on the list titled I-follow-them-4-no-reason because I think it is funny and creative. 😉

PPS. Update the owner of the list changed the name I-follow-them-4-no-reason after reading my tweet about it. LOL New list I-forgot-why-I- was-following-this-person.

*see comment below regarding spelling of voilà.

10 thoughts on “Remove Yourself from a Twitter List

  1. Ronald Wopereis

    hi Sally, i started to use lists because i hit the 2001 followers limitation, and i found out that i could unfollow people and still follow them by creating a list and following them there.
    so one of my lists is “soulmates” and all people on this list i have been unfollowing … to make room for other people.
    such was also the case with my list “i follow them 4 no reason” – i wanted to follow you and also create space for other people.
    best regards, Ron
    ps on my return flight from NZ to Amsterdam januari 16th i will have a 5 hour stopover at SF airport. Would you like to have a coffee together?
    itinerary is here :
    best regards, Ron (@woepwoep)

  2. Sarah

    Thank you for your instructions on getting off someone’s list. I don’t know the guy but his list was not something I wanted to be associated with. Thanks again!!

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