Chocolate Delights


I like dark chocolate. I already finished the big box of chocolates that @octupusgrabbus sent to me from Turtle Alley so I needed to find some local chocolate. Actually, I wasn’t looking for chocolate, I was looking for a good coffee. I was craving a latte and I was in San Anselmo near Redhill shopping center and wanted something besides Starbucks or Peets. I saw the little, tiny, charming store in Redhill called Chocolate Delights and remembered they had coffee. We went in and were greeted by a very friendly woman who made us some delicious lattes; you know the kind served in a glass mug so you can see the layers? It was pretty and yummy. Of course, since I was sitting in the cute, little shop staring at the abundance of chocolate I just HAD to try some. I had a dark chocolate Belgium truffle. The truffle with the coffee was an absolutely wonderful tasting experience. It was also quite cozy to sit in this little shop while it was raining outside.

If you find yourself in San Anselmo and are craving some coffee and chocolate this is the place to go.

Chocolate Delights
876 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
San Anselmo, CA 94960

Top yummy photo borrowed from Chocolate Delights Website.

One thought on “Chocolate Delights

  1. octopusgrabbus

    You should definitely be getting some kind of Albert Schweitzer humanitarian chocolate award. It is a selfless person, who would search the world over for fine chocolate, and then divulge that information, seeking no reward for yourself.

    I bet it even pains you to test out all that chocolate, before reporting on it. 🙂

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