It’s Raining… It’s Pouring… and my kids are driving me crazy.


D Sharon Pruitt, photographer

My kids aren’t actually driving me crazy (they’re big) but it’s raining A LOT and I’m guessing other people’s kids might be driving them crazy. It’s really, really raining (for California standards). When the weather is like this I just want to stay home and enjoy my fireplace. I don’t like driving in the rain.

However, if you are a Marin Mommy or Daddy stuck at home with little ones during this storm you may be going a little stir crazy. I remember back in the day when I was a preschool teacher in the early 90s… there was one winter when it rained for about 40 days straight. Let’s just say that was a VERY long winter.

If you are feeling the itch to get out with your little ones check out the wonderful list of weekend family events happening in Marin over at the Marin Mommies blog. She has some great suggestions for fun activities with kids.

I just have to share something really cool I saw the other day. I wish I would have been able to take a picture. I was driving north on Highway 101 in Marin and the sun was out but the freeway was very wet. As the cars ahead of me were driving water was spraying up from their back tires creating a look of rainbows shooting out from beneath each car. It was a very cool site to see. I kind of felt like I was living in a psychedelic 70s cartoon.

photo via Flickr user Pink Sherbert Photography

One thought on “It’s Raining… It’s Pouring… and my kids are driving me crazy.

  1. patty

    Hi Sally. I agree with you, it has been raining a lot!! I don’t have kids, but I have a puppy and she suffers too, having to be indoors all time with this weather. Do you know why are we having so much rain? is there an atmospheric phenomenon going on?
    Also, those rainbows you saw sound amazing! so cool! you were lucky to see that on that moment. so sad you didn’t take a picture, though!
    greetings from Santa Rosa

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