Friend-date, Food and Foot Massages


I went on a friend-date last night and it was so fun! A friend-date is what my friend/neighbor calls when you go out with your girlfriends (buddies, girls-night-out) instead of a romantic date. I like friend-dates, I think I’m going to make more happen this year.

My two neighbors (a.k.a. friends) and I went out to Happy Hour at the Whipper Snapper in San Rafael.The Whipper Snapper has the BEST Sangria ever. We ordered a pitcher. We also order our very favorite item on the menu – the Grilled Fish Tacos.

The Whipper Snapper has Happy Hour Tuesdays – Fridays from 5-6 it’s short but very SWEET!.

Happy Hour Menu is $3.00 Fish Tacos, Organic Fingerling Potatoes, Fried Sweet Plantains and Grilled Chicken.  A glass of red or white Sangria also $3 or $3 off Half and Full Pitchers. I also just learned they have Half Price Sangria Sundays.

After our tummies were full of delicious food and drinks we decided to stroll down (or is it up) Fourth street to the Foot Massage place. It’s called X & J Foot Massage and they are located at 1099 4th Street (near A Street). It would be easy to walk right by and not even notice the foot massage place because they are located below street level right next to the Mighty Quinn (San Rafael’s own headshop).

When we walked in to X & J Foot Massage I felt like I was stepping in to another country, it’s very calming. Mellow music is playing and we were greeted by friendly staff who invited us to come sit in their very comfy and inviting reclining chairs. They then offered us tea or water as they brought us each a blanket. We looked like 3 preschooler’s at nap time all tucked in. Then they brought a small wooden barrel filled with warm water to soak our feet in. As our feet were soaking they started rubbing our shoulders and heads to get us relaxed for the foot massages. By the time we were finished I was so relaxed I wanted to take a nap in my reclining chair.

Foot massages are $30 for a half hour and $50 for a whole hour.

Beautiful Lotus Flower Photo via Flickr user Shamih

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