Healthy Yummy Food at Comforts in San Anselmo


If you are in a hurry and want something healthy and super yummy then Comforts Café in San Anselmo is the place to go. My favorite dish from Comforts is their Chinese Chicken (or Tofu) Salad. It has got to be the best Chinese Chicken Salad ever! It is always fresh and the dressing they use is delicious.  The Chicken Okasan is also very popular in my household.

Comforts always has their fresh Chinese Chicken (or Tofu) Salad in a box and ready to go. This is a great lunch to grab when you are on the run. They also have a huge selection of prepared healthy food which you can pick up in the afternoon and bring home for dinner.

Comforts Café has two sides. One side is a sit down more formal café the other is the take out, more casual side. I usually go to the take out side because… I’m usually in a hurry but both sides are good and on a sunny day it is really nice to sit outside while dining.

In addition to all delicious and healthy meals they have a full service café where they serve excellent tasting cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, etc…

After filling up on fine food at Comforts you can take a stroll down San Anselmo Avenue to Gioia’s for a little boutique shopping.

Comforts is located at:

335 San Anselmo Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 94960

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Yummy Food at Comforts in San Anselmo

  1. OCMomActivities - Katie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Comforts! That was always a huge favorite in our house. To this day I still ask friends to pop in there and buy some of the Chinese Chicken Salad dressing to send to me. 🙂

    A friend of mine worked there and I’m sure it’s even more now, but she said they go through 800 heads of lettuce EACH day because of how many of the salads they sell!

  2. Sally Post author

    I believe it! Their salads are so good and it seems everybody in Marin loves those Chinese Chicken Salads! The place was packed when I went there for lunch today.

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