Coworking Day 1 – Busy Bees


I spent today at BZhive, the new coworking office in Marin.

I decided to try out the Hive for the next month and I plan to share my stories of the Hive and all the busy bees with you.

At the hive today I had a great brainstorming session with @fun_master,  @BrainMaker & Hila (the queen bee at BZhive). Lots of exciting events coming up at the Hive in the next few months.

I love the idea of coworking and group intelligence. I’ve been doing it for years virtually with my virtual accountability partner (and coauthor). We use Skype chat  to check in daily about our goals, to discuss challenges, to work on our business & marketing plans and to brainstorm solutions & ideas.

Group intelligence puts everything you do on fast forward. I see this when I brainstorm with my accountability partner and others; I see this when I’m networking online with the Business Divas; I see it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I can also see this happening in the coworking environment.

I just have to get used to the face to face interaction. (I’ve been working on my own since 2002). I mean with Skype chat I can get up and walk away in the middle of a conversation to check what’s cooking in the oven or to take a potty break and the person on the other end has no idea I’m multitasking, but with in person coworking I have to be fully present during the conversation.

Actually today while we were talking, I got up, paced around a bit and went over to the dry erase board to fully erase it (pet peeve of mine – dry erase or chalk boards that are not fully erased). I told my coworkers to get used to me walking around a lot while we talk.

I think I am going to like this coworking experience, it just might take me some time to adjust and find a good balance between coworking and cocreating because I could sit (or walk) around all day cocreating ideas with people but sometimes I’ve got to stop and actually do the work.

I did come home from coworking today happy and fully energized! I think I’m going to like this coworking thing.

Stay tuned for more adventures in coworking.

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