Facebook Etiquette


Since Facebook is one of the world’s largest countries now and we are all living in it together… Here are a few things that might help keep the peace.


  1. When sending a bulk message on Facebook to a bunch of your friends: Please (PLEASE) think twice before doing this. Did you know when you send this message to your 20 best friends, every single time one of those people responds to that message, we ALL get the response. Mulitply that times 20 plus all the back and forth responses and that is a lot of messages in my email box that I don’t need to read nor want to read and it takes my precious time to delete those unwanted messages.
  2.  When sending a long and salesy message from your personal profile or fan page this feels like spam to me. I did not ask for you to send me an email about your services or what you sell. I became a fan of your page because I want to support you or because I’m interested in your businesses but I did not sign up to receive messages from you. There is no unsubscribe link in Facebook messages so if I keep getting unwanted messages my only choices are to unfriend you or unfan your business.
  3.  Farmville and all ville apps on Facebook: If you play those games, enjoy, have fun but please turn off your notifications. I really don’t want to know if you just bought another pink pig or watered your green beans today. I have never played Farmville so I don’t know if this really works but it is worth a try. I looked up how to stop Farmville from sending notifications and found this How To Stop Farmville From Sending Notifications on Yahoo answers. Can someone please verify that this works? (If lots of your friends are playing Farmville and you don’t want to know their status you can always click Hide when you see one of their Farmville udpates. Clicking Hide on the right side of the update will Hide all future Farmville updates.)

Thank you for listening to my tips rant. 😉

Have a nice day.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Etiquette

  1. Sherra Scott

    I block the annoying apps completely – not just hide the notices in my feed. To do this: in your news feed, at the bottom of the “update” it will say something to the effect of “xx minutes/hours ago via “. Click on the name of the annoying app in that phrase & it will take you directly to the Facebook page for that app. Don’t click on the title right below your friend’s name (“So-and-so did such-and-such”) or the part at the bottom that tells you to accept the gift or send a gift or collect this or that. Clicking on either of these will ask you if you want to allow the app access to your information, yadda yadda yadda. If you’ve previously given the app approval permission you will be taken to the app – you need to go to the app’s fan page to do this properly. Once you’re at the Fan Page for the annoying app you’ll see 3 links directly under their picture on the left – Add to Favorites, Suggest to Friends & Block this Application. Click Block this Application then confirm. No more notices in your news feed, no more notices that someone has sent you a gift, no more invitations to play/join, etc. from that app.

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