Sally Around the Bay

Coworking, Chiropractors, Delis and Jewelry


I’m having so much fun coworking at BZhive! I’m really enjoying getting out of my home office and working with others. Today I met with a client in the conference room, teaching her all about benefits social networking.

I also discovered (actually remembered) that BZhive is located in walking distance to one of my favorite deli’s!  This makes me happy because as you know, I like to eat. BZhive is also in walking distance to my Chiropractor. This also makes me happy because I like to feel good and getting regular chiropractic adjustments makes me feel good. You should try it!

@fun_master popped in and snapped a picture of us working in the conference room.

Another fun fact I learned about BZhive is that Hila (co-owner) is an artist and makes some pretty cool things she sells on Etsy. I hope she brings in some of that jewelry for me to see. 😉

BZhive is the new coworking office space in San Rafael. Come in and check it out. They have lots of community events happening in the evenings (most are free).

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