Thank You Pacific Catch


I have to say I totally agree with @BrainMaker. I want to do a shout out to Pacific Catch because they really GET social networking and what it is all about.

A bunch of people who work at Pacific Catch tweet under various names: @pacificcatch, @PacCatchCOO, @PacCatchChef, @PabloEscolar, @Rob_Villa_PC, and I’m sure there are more.

This shout out is not because they are on Twitter, although I do send them kudos for being on Twitter but it is because they GET Twitter. They understand what it is about. They understand it is not just about shouting and broadcasting to the world. Pacific Catch understands Twitter is about building relationships, it’s about their community. Pacific Catch participates in the conversation. They connect with their community.

Pacific Catch also knows how to throw a party! They hosted 2 TweetUps this week: one in Marin and one in San Francisco. I was one of the lucky people to attend the Pacific Catch Marin TweetUp on Monday night. Pacific Catch was so generous with us, they kept bringing out tasty appetizers and I’m not talking about chips and salsa, they brought out things like Hawaiian Poke, Ceviche and Thai Coconut Shrimp!

I just wanted to say Thank You to Pacific Catch. You guys are awesome and I think I speak for all the Marin TweetUp crowd – we’d be happy to have a TweetUp at your business any day!

It’s not just Twitter Pacific Catch gets, they get the whole social networking thing. They even have a blog!

We are a silly group but we do appreciate businesses that get social media and we will support you!

Thank you Pacific Catch!

A special shout out to Chamin for all your support and always making us feel so welcome and to Amanda (aka @sexythinker) who I have a feeling has a lot to do with all of this.

2 thoughts on “Thank You Pacific Catch

  1. Suzanna

    You’re spot-on, Sally, it’s not just being able to use Twitter, it’s “getting it” — getting the fact that it’s not virtual, it’s real. Real community, real relationships, people you want to know and hang out with. And the goodies Pacific Catch serves up are uber-real – YUM. I was happy to be at the TweetUp last Monday, meet more people who are facilitating this juicy-human conversation that is social media, and expand my sense of what’s possible. Like helping people with small specific actions through @ItStartsWithUs, for example, another project represented at Monday’s TweetUp. As restaurants realize they can also be great community resources, they will quickly discover how easy it is to expand their customer base using social media. Yay!

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