Spring is a great time to Mountain Bike


It’s mountain biking season!

Disclaimer: I do not mountain bike but I agree Spring is a great time to mountain bike in Marin County.

Full Discloser: I talk about mountain biking a lot here on this blog because the owner of Mountain Biking Marin is my honey.

If you are the type that likes to mountain bike or wants to learn how to mountain bike (unlike me) then this announcement is for you!

Mountain Biking Marin is offering bike skill clinics starting in April. All levels!

In a fun and relaxed environment, the Mountain Biking Marin team will review bike skill techniques from basics on how to mount and dismount your bike, how to balance your body, how to go uphill and downhill to more advance techniques including pedaling, braking, gearing/shifting, climbing and descending, switchbacks, and even “air techniques” for those more intrepid riders (not me) wanting to learn how to launch, drop, and jump. And they will also learn about trail etiquette and go over basic bike fit and maintenance.

They offer a 1:4 instructor:student ratio in their group clinics. Each session is a half day and starts at 8:30 am. (Note: They also offer private mountain bike clinics and tours). All levels welcome! The group will be split into beginner, intermediate, and advance levels.

So if you are the more adventuresome type… why not try something new this Spring? If you live in the Bay Area or are visiting you really should try mountain biking. I’ve tried it! It’s beautiful out there and you can see so much more than you do when hiking (but I still prefer hiking). 😉

And right now the wild flowers are just starting to bloom! Imagine what you’ll see in April!

Click here for more information about the upcoming mountain bike clinics in Marin.

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